Spanish omelette

The best Spanish Omelette (tortilla de patatas), just with potatoes, onion and eggs.

Rice with clams

Today we have cooked rice with clams. It is an easy recipe, tasteful and, as all the rice recipes, my daughters enjoy it very much. Taste it! Ingredients: Clams, three or four per person if the clams are large. Rice, some 80 grams per adult, 30/40 per children. 1 clove of garlic. 1 large onion….

Artichokes with clams

For lunch today, a detoxifying recipe after so many excesses (if you can avoid dipping bread on it!), and in preparation for the Last Supper… of 2015! Ingredients: Artichokes, two/three per persons (and one for each toddler!) Clams, today big ones, so two per person. If you find them small, then three or four. A…

Stuffed Squid

Stuffing a squid is very entertaining and… good!!! You’ll find several recipes, each one with a different filling; use the one you like, but do not complicate… less is more! Ingredients: A good Squid. At home we always use a big one, but you can use as well small ones and serve one per person….

Salt cooked Gilthead seabream (Dorade)

Salt cooking a good fish is probably the best way to keep its original taste and flavour. Furthermore, this cooking style (completely covering a piece with cooking salt) has a very interesting advantage, and it is that the cooking time is not (too much) critical; you can keep it warm in its salt coating during…