Stuffed Squid

Stuffing a squid is very entertaining and… good!!! You’ll find several recipes, each one with a different filling; use the one you like, but do not complicate… less is more!


  • A good Squid. At home we always use a big one, but you can use as well small ones and serve one per person. Today I found a medium one, enough for the four of us (having in mind we have to toddlers!)
  • A red sausage (from pork). You can use as well ground pork meat, but if you can find a good sausage, you won’t have to worry about salt and pepper.
  • A hard-boiled egg.
  • Fish stock.
  • Two onions, one small for the filling and one bigger for the sauce.
  • Tomato.
  • Half glass of white wine.
  • 4/5 Hazelnuts.
  • Parsley.
  • Floor.
  • Olive Oil, Salt and Black Pepper.

The first thing to do is the filling. Heat some olive oil in a saute pan and add the onion until brown.

In a smaller pan, with some olive oil and a cup of water, cook the squid tentacles and wings, starting from cold; You will get them very soft, as starting from cold the fibers won’t shrink.

Meanwhile, prepare the fish stock. I already had a frozen neutral stock, so I have just added a monkfish bone and some squid tentacles (a leftover from the Bombó de jarret de vedella recipe)

As soon as the onion is brown, peel the sausage, shred it and add to the pan (or add the grounded pork meat with salt and pepper to taste).

Next, add the tentacles and wings to the pan, they should be soft and tender, and bring to high heat while mixing to get a dry filling.

The last step for the filling is to add the hard-boiled egg finely chopped. Leave the filling to cold so you won’t burn your fingers while stuffing the squid tube!

As soon as the filling is enough cold to manipulate it, you can stuff the tube (make sure it is completely clean inside!). I use a pastry bag, it makes the stuffing easier, but with a spoon and some patience you can get it too. As soon as the tube is completely stuffed (but do not over-stuff!), use some toothpicks to close it, and… keep cooking!

Coat the squid tube with floor and, with a little olive oil, fry it all around. Do not overheat the olive oil as you will use it, along with the released floor from the squid, for the sauce, that will be thick enough without the need to add more floor.

Set the squid aside and, in the same pan, fry the chopped onion until brown.

When brown, add two or three grated tomatoes (I have them preserved, is the glass pot you can see at the ingredients picture) and, when the tomatoes are well reduced, add  a splash of white wine.

Once the wine is evaporated, place the squid back again into the pan and half cover it with the fish stock. Cook it for 25/30 minutes. Swing it after 15 minutes and, if the sauce is thickening too much, use a lid or add some water or stock.

The last cooking step is to mince the hazelnuts and the parsley and add them to the sauce. In Spanish we call this «Picada», and it adds a rich taste and texture to the sauce.

Now, the best option is to let the squid cool down and keep it for the next day. Resting suits very well, and it will be easier to cut it! Of course, this is just optional.

The «E» day (eating day!), slice it cold, heat it at the oven and serve with white rice as a side. Do not forget to cover both the squid and the rice with the sauce! By the way, today I have blended the sauce while heating it up. I almost never do it, specially when cooking meat, but today I found interesting to do it.

Bon Apetit!

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